Saturday, September 6, 2008

She's so skirt

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Kristin Abouelata - Ray of SunshineBy day, you can find Kristin and her dog, Bear, at Mortgage Investors. By daydream, she’s in Paris or fulfilling her secret desire as a novelist. There’s a little of Hollywood in her blood as well being her daughters are named after Sophia (Loren) and Natalie (Wood) and Kristin’s “sunny-side up” disposition frequently garners Mary Poppins comparisons.

My Rules:
1. Be bitter or better. I have a choice when disappointment sets in, and if I choose to be bitter, my girlfriends can talk about me.

2. Embrace change. As long as death and dismemberment aren’t involved, you have to roll the dice and take a leap. Otherwise, you wake up one day and realize you’re miserable.

3. Don’t burn any bridges.

4. Say you’re sorry like you mean it. It takes years of practice to do it right, but when you finally get it down, you realize a simple act can save you and others a lot of heartache.

5. A good haircut and color are worth the money! Why buy expensive things you only wear once a month when, after all, you wear your hair every day.

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